What the Apostle Paul Wrote & When
Monday, June 13, 2011
GraceForAll in Jerry Lockhart, Pastor - Berean Bible Church

This is not terribly important. I believe it might be helpful, but then again, it might be
confusing. Or you might disagree. You might have your own version of this and I would
not in any way begrudge you your opinion. Itʼs probably just as valid as this.

However, the Lordʼs word IS very important; it is over-the-top enlightening and clears
the path of our spiritual vision . If you disagree with me on this I would dearly love to
hear from you and have you give me the Scripture to show me where Iʼm not getting it
right. So, with the plain understanding of a school child, no higher form of academia
involved, letʼs think on these things of the Lord and, perhaps, why Paul wrote his
thirteen books in this particular order.


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